MyPage5, social networking sites that pay you a dollar :)

If you are currently busy playing Facebook, try the social networking site this one: MyPage5. Why do I strongly recommend MyPage5? Social web that pay us $5 for sign up and other income for social activity. Get the matrealitsis Netter, try MyPage5 :).

Cool and unique concept, combining all forms of monetizing that I have before, whether through blogging, uploading files such as video and photos and even create a new concept with each of us we pay to do commenting, comments, good in video files, photo, blog, a group that we created and also MyPage5.Com can use to look for are, like what a new friend, What a dating couple, looking for jobs, selling products, What a product, make a group where we can ketemuan and sharing of ideas and opinions with fellow member who has the same interest. Hehe, that's cool...!! My new people join and try it that features. If active, each day could be $ 2.

Once the registration is equipped with a photo, I get $ 5 in my initial balance. Greatfully again, each have the profile we review, we can direct $ 0.01. Not for any comments that we also paid post. Social interaction with friends or other member be more fun, hehe.

Here is the complete list of our fee if we receive in the MyPage5:
  1. New member sign-up equipped with a photo directly to $ 5. If without photo will not be paid, so you better sign-up has your photo.
  2. Every time we login to the account, paid $ 0.01 directly. Counted only one time per day.
  3. Create a blog paid $ 0.10. Please note, the contents of blogs can not copy and paste the results, must be original and do not include links to other blogs. You can make up to 10 blogs per day, but only 4 blogs that are paid by MyPage5.
  4. Comments on the blog another member is paid $ 0.02. Only allowed to comment to 10 times in one day.
  5. Upload a video paid $ 0.15. Video must not violate copyright. In a day can only upload up to 5 videos.
  6. Comments on the video that is uploaded another member, paid $ 0.02. In one day allowed only 5 comments.
  7. Want to find search-what (the product, job, dating couples,) can make posts in the Classified page. Each post is paid $ 0.1. In a day allowed to make a classified post 10 times.
  8. Create a group paid $ 0.02. Want to find a friend that one idea and one interest? I only group in MyPage5. Can be a fans club, what atawa school friend just want to share the opinion that a fellow member have the same interest.
  9. Join the group and comment on the group paid $ 0.02. In a day and allowed only 5 comments.
  10. Comments on profile page friend paid $ 0.02. Allowed only 10 comments per post and at times over a one-page profiles are not the same.
  11. Upload a photo paid $ 0.02 per photo. The total amount allowed is 400 photos. More than the amount that will not be paid.
  12. Comment on photo uploaded another member, paid $ 0.02. Allowed to comment to 5 comments per day.
  13. Comments on the page band favorite, paid $ 0.02. Allowed up to 5 comments per day.
  14. Every time we see the profile another member, we paid $ 0.01.
  15. And This is the most fun! Each invite friends, can $ 1. right, $ 1. Hohoho .. imagine instance, if we successfully invite just 50 what is directly in the $ 50 can be, hehehe. But with the condition, a friend who is in the invite to be also active, cuz I do not funds will deduct the payment at the time of our day. Fraudulent attempt to invite 'shadow friend' I or account spoofery account will result in your account Suspended.
Social networking site that also can be used as an alternative to get the new dollar. From some blogs that I read, on average they can be $ 2 per day just by spending 1-2 hours in MyPage5:). Even many who can also charge 1 month after the first join. That means, in 1 month got $ 50 from MyPage5 is nothing impossible. For payment method, you can select, via Paypal or Check.

For the first step of MyPage5, please only join with my referral links MyPage5 this.

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